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I want to personally thank you for cheking out our blog and staying in touch with the real estate market in this area. I have a daily focus on the market and keep my finger on the pulse of each community we serve. I hope that you find the information contained here to be insightful and helpful and that your connection allows you comfort in relying on me for all your real estate needs no matter where you live in the country. Have an awesome day!

Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Once again the numbers point to a real estate market slowly climbing back to normalcy. (For the record, normalcy was pre-2004)  For December the overall number of Foreclosed properties sold was down 6.62%, the number of Foreclosed properties available was down 8.63% and the average price of Foreclosure properties sold was UP 9.24%.  This is a trend that has been reported throughout most of last year.  Could the "bottom" of the real estate market be a period in time rather than a point in time??  Are we in it now?  You can take a small risk either way; buy now and know what you are getting, or wait for prices to continue to fall and see if it happens.  Based on our first 17 days of 2012 we see Buyers moving FORWARD!

If you are considering purchasing real estate start your search now and be selective on the properties that interest you.  There are great deals available now and with interest rates at their lowest point I just don't see the value in waiting another 6 months.

Have a great day and check back with us often!

Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Great Forecast for Real Estate?

Welcome 2012!  Good Bye 2011!!  As we enter a new year it is the best time of the year to wash our hands of the bad things that occured during the last year and muster up all of our optimism for what lies ahead!  Given the national and local results of real estate transactions in 2011...good riddance!  Depending on the source of the publication, we have been able to read positive comments regarding the real estate market for months, even over a year, however those have pretty much been from real estate related mags.  Now, the news of an improved market is coming from the naysayers of the recent past.  There truely is growing optimism that 2012 will mark the year of the recovery, albiet a gradual one.  Understanding that real estate is localized, there won't be a national surge of improvement and some markets won't see improvement at all.  I am only focused on our market and what we will see in 2012 and by all indications it will improve.  In fact most areas of evaluation have already seen improvement during 2011 with one big exception; Average Price.  I believe that the average price of properties selling in this area will stabilize and not continue to see small decreases.  This will be driven by more higher priced properties selling and fewer distressed properties coming on the market than last year.  The Myrtle Beach mtro market remains one of the most desired locations in the mid-atlantic region due to affordability, climate and, of course, the ocean.  The Northeaster markets that supply the relocation families to the Grand Strand are improving and real estate is starting to pick up steam.  Both exisiting and new home sales have seen higher sale number recently in most feeder markets and are expected to continue into the warmer weather months.  Stand by for a really active spring season and an even better summer and beyond.  I believe it and am on the bandwagon!  Are you?