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Thursday, August 1, 2013

Your Closing is today...How do you feel?

You have invested years planning, hoping and preparing for the day you close on this property.  You've spent months and months searching for it and weeks waiting to make this home your own.
Today you're finally closing on what will be one of your largest purchases ever and the place where you spend your life creating memories.

How do you feel about the journey?

Too many times the joy of homeownership is lost as we approach closing because of a small detail.  We focus on the one item that wasn't agreed on the inspection report, or that we paid all of our closing costs when the seller should have paid something....  In some cases it could be the experience you had with your Realtor.

There is absolutely nothing that should get in the way of your closing day being filled with JOY.

Being able to guide a homebuyer through the many steps of buying and closing on a home requires processes, attention to detail and anticipation.  Many of the mundane steps required to get real estate closed can be handled through proven processes and checklists, but that doesn't represent everything needed for a great experience.  The emotional journey a homebuyer takes cannot be "processed" and requires great attention to detail.  The relationship established through effective guidance should allow your real estate professional to anticipate your needs and keep the bumpy road smooth for you with you never feeling the bumps.  Great real estate closing don't happen by accident; they are planned and all the actions needed are completed only involving you where needed.

The best closings happen without a hitch and allow you to look forward to the day, enjoy the experience and continue your upward emotional journey into the months after you move in.

If your on this journey now or expect to start the journey in the future make sure to discuss your expectation with your Realtor.  When it comes to moving day and you reflect back on how you arrived your memory should turn your frown upside down!

Make it a great day!