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Thursday, June 26, 2014

The negative impact of sharing your thoughts...

Do you believe that what you say about your community, neighborhood, home or neighbor can impact the value of your property?  Allow this factual case-in-point -

Recently we received two offers on a property and ultimately decided on one with the other becoming a back-up contract.  During the day or two after the contract was verbally accepted the Buyers returned to the property, excited and ready to take some measurements.  During their visit they encountered a couple of homeowners and a renter that all lived in the community.  As would be normal, they struck up a conversation and asked questions about their experience in the community.  Based entirely on those conversations the Buyer's excitement turned to remorse and they pulled the contract.  Fortunately, there was a backup contract on the property, but at a 5% less price than the first contract.

Now, obviously this property selling for 5% less than a previous accepted contract means this specific seller received less for their property, but doesn't their value effect yours if you live in the same community?  Certainly it does.

It seems to be our nature to vent and enthusiastically share the negative things that cause us to dislike something; in this case a real estate community.  I do not propose to hide things or paint a glamorous picture in a situation that doesn't deserve it, but if there was nothing good to share why do you live there?

Understand that when you are asked about a community people are looking for validation of their feelings they already have for the community, they aren't just out seeking to learn of your bad experience.  I would imagine that in every single neighborhood in our great country the owners there, if they look hard enough, would find something they would change or dislike.  Does that have to be the very first, and sometimes only, thing you share?

I encourage you to think through your advice to someone asking about the very place you invested your money.  Only sharing the "horrible" things or your take on what the builder "should have done" is taking money out of your pocket and only makes your decision to buy there look pretty bad.  Find the good in your community or call me and I'll find a buyer for your property that will appreciate the good things the community offers.  Move on!

Enjoy your day!