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Saturday, June 29, 2013


Here is a list of 8 reasons that may be preventing your property from selling.

#1. The Price isn't right for the market.
             The real estate market is fluid and experiences ups and downs with prices changing due to supply                
             demand.  Generally there isn't significant changes in pricing, but could you catch a $500. to $1,000 
             swing in pricing by staying on top of things?  Yes.  Whether selling or buying you have to watch
             not only what has sold recently, but what other similar properties are available that compete with 
             yours or the one you want.  The supply impacts pricing, just as past sales do.  Also, if your selling
             don't price it high and drift it down.  Price it right for the market and expect to receive offers in
             the first 14 - 21 days.  If you hit the market and get no showings or get showings and no offers,
             you've missed the mark.  Plan on staying on the market a while or make the change right away.

#2   Placing a sign and putting on MLS isn't anywhere near enough.
             Today's market demands an aggressive approach to getting the home sold.  In addition to all
             manner of normal marketing, social media and consumer sites, the property must be Featured
             so it stands out and the agent has to proactively push the property out to Buyer's and other agents.
             Be sure the agent you select is aggressive in nature and not passive.

#3   The Listing has to Pop!
             It starts with great photos and continues into a well planned virtual tour.  Between 90% - 97%
             of potential Buyer's will see your property on their computers or smart phones first.  If it doesn't
             Catch their eye on the screen you can forget them ever crossing the threshold.  A professional
             camera with EXTRA lighting is a must!

#4  Buyer's can't see the property.
             Buyer's shop for property at all hours of the day.  I receive the highest number of emailed leads
             at night after 9PM.  They are also out looking on weekends, after work and during your dinnertime.
             If your on the market you have to be open to showings at all times.  You never know which showing
             will be the next owner of your home.  If you own a rental property you have to do your best to have 
              it ready to show between check in and checkout or make sure the renter knows it is on the market.

#5  Your timing isn't right.
             Monitor the market to make sure you aren't hitting the market when there is an overabundance of
            other homes on the market on your street.  If you're forced to sell then you have no choice and you
             can't control what happens after your on the market, but if there are many like yours available then 
             make sure yours is the best.

#6  The house has a stigma or isn't a great as it should be -
             Is your home cluttered or dusty or in need of pressure washing?  Do you have too many counter top
             appliances, or the grass is too high?  Take a few steps away and put on an unbiased Buyer's cap;
             Take a truthful, honest look at your home and compare it against the similar ones in your area to see
              if you would select your house above the others....if you had to do it all over again.

#7  Your too detached from the process.
            There is no doubt that when you hire an agent that you expect them to take care of things and the 
            good ones do.  It is also true that the more engaged a seller is in the process the better the odds
            of getting the property sold.  Two-way communication and having an open mind are essential to
            to a successful conclusion.  Get to know your agent and understand the way they sell, at least to
            the point that you trust them.  Understanding each other and listening to your agents guidance is

#8  Your may have chosen the wrong agent.
            In our local market there are over 2600 licensed real estate agents.  To date, less than half of them
            have sold a property this year (all the way into June). The number of sales an average agent makes 
            in a year is 4.  933 agents have sold 4 properties are LESS this year.  You'll have to get into the top 
            40 agents in the market for sale performance of 5 sales per month in our market.  Make sure you
            get the stats from your agent on what they've sold and what they have listed this year.  Activity
            breeds activity and the top 10% of working agents in this town will always have time to talk with 

Consider this food-for-thought and use it as one of the sources you have to better position you in accomplishing your goals.  Your home is probably your most important asset, so do your homework to make sure the relationship you begin is the right one.  ben@benguyton.com

Monday, June 10, 2013

Is 4% the new 3.5% for mortgage rates?

Mortgage interest rates have remained at historical lows for a long time now.  Sure, they have fluctuated between 3% and 3.875% for over a year, but the 4% threshold has been reached and it may not come back below it again.  The problem with low, low rates is that when the new lowest rate is seen it then becomes the benchmark that all rates are judged against.  Let's face it 4%, 5% for a mortgage are great rates, but it does reduce your buying power.

Rising rates either eliminate your from being able to buy, reduces your ability to cash-flow and investment property, or reduces the size of the home you can purchase.

Rates have now been over 4% for over a week now and seem to be stable.  There is an absolute here; We can't all wish for a better overall economy and expect mortgage rates to stay low.

When are you going to make the decision to buy?

Real estate prices have remained flat all year and demand for properties has remained high.  If the current market continues into next year we will see segments of the market in Myrtle Beach metro start to increase.  Today, it costs you more to buy a property (the same property) as it did last month because of rates.

Could the new low for mortgage rates be 4.5%?

Time will tell.  Are you willing to take the risk?