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Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Market Leader - BY FAR!

Numbers Never Lie!

Here is a very interesting record that I thought was worthwhile sharing -

Over the last 20 year period The Hoffman Group has out performed every Real Estate Agency in the Myrtle Beach market by a huge margin.

The Facts of the market show over $709,000,000.00 in more sales volume than the number two agency in town.  Roughly, $2.8 Billion in real estate sales v. $2.1 Billion by the distant #2 agency.

The total number of properties sold is also a landslide difference -

The Hoffman Group has outsold all other agencies during the period of 1994 - 2014 (April) by a minimum of 3,650 total properties.  

Based on the annual selling rate of the top agencies in town - If The Hoffman Group stopped selling today it would take the number two agency 8 years to catch up!

If your looking for Real Estate guidance why wouldn't you choose the Market Leader?